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Tony Blair Conforms Casino Laws in UK
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Tony Blair Conforms Casino Laws in UK

Recent changes in British legislation that were initiated by Tony Blair are having a profound effect on the gambling industry. These new laws will have an impact as well on online casinos but right now they are directed at land based casino regulation. The impact could conceivably affect an online casino in the same way it affects a land based casino but taking into account that some of the regulations extend playing hours and opening times of land based casinos, these aspect will have no bearing on the online casinos since they are open 24 hours every day of the year.

The UK 's Prime Minister Tony Blair wants to press ahead with plans to revamp gambling laws in the UK and holds that the new laws regarding gambling are designed to help certain areas of society not harm it. "The vast bulk of this legislation is actually about regulating gambling, not deregulating it," he said.


Blair sympathized with concerns about gambling but stated that there was "no evidence" these reforms would lead to gambling addiction and crime. Opposition leader Michael Howard said the government was on "the wrong track" and that the Tory party would oppose the Bill.

The Bill proposes, among other things, to relax the rules regarding construction of casinos and sweeping away certain player restrictions. "It's very important that we modernize the regulation of gambling for today's world" Stated Blair. "Whether we like it or not, we have gambling in this country, but with a series of rules and restrictions which are completely out of date."

Blair continued, "Ninety per cent of the gambling bill is about better regulation and protection for children, removing slot machines from about 6,000 premises where minors, children, might have access to them."

When asked just who would benefit from the additional casino other than the owners Blair responded: "Go and talk to the people in Blackpool who urgently need the regeneration. For many of these places this is a chance to put it on a proper modern footing."

A recent poll taken by a leaded UK newspaper suggests 53% of voters do not believe Britain needs more casinos, with 34% backing plans to allow them and 12% undecided.

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